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Yes! It’s been 3 hard years to accept that I am a 39 year old woman that suffers from Bipolar Depression and let’s not forget anxiety as well. When I got diagnosed with this it crushed my heart into pieces, I didn’t know how to deal with it or how to even explain it. All I could think about was “Am I crazy”, like literally am I. Never in a million years did I think that I would have this sickness, I mean a lot was going through my mind and it still is. There are days that go into manic mood and then there are days that I hate myself or everything annoys me. I feel like a mess all I want to do is be in bed asleep in my dark room how sad is that?

I try, I try really hard to snap out of it at times but I feel that it beats me. Like I can’t win it. But then there are days that I’m on a roll, I mean get up early go to the gym, cook, clean, wash and just full of energy and those days is when I feel my old self again.


I miss my laugh

I miss my smile

I miss my adventurous self

I miss it all

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